Dolphin Speed Boats is a pioneering boat manufacturer that uses the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). We are the first boat builders in Egypt to use such a method to ensure top quality and excellence. All our designs and models feature the latest designs, and are as per Egyptian standards.
Dolphin Speed Boats are setting an industry standard for builders in the speedboat sector and are reinventing industry norms. Innovative construction and cutting-edge techniques are pushing Dolphin Speed Boats into uncharted waters, setting a new standard in offshore performance, dependability, and quality. Our boats are strong, bold, and advanced. We combine the highest durability and rugged utility with modern excellence and sophistication. VIP uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate. This calls for fewer raw materials, which makes our boats lightweight and allows for more stability, further demonstrating our premium boat building capabilities. We also provide boats that are made out of fiberglass.