SeaStar Hydraulic Steering HK6400A-3

SeaStar Hydraulic Steering HK6400A-3


  • Dometic SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Kit System w/ 17 Helm
  • made in USA
  • without hoses
  • Product Weight    : 30.000 Lbs
  • Standard 3/4″ tapered steering shaft
  • 5 turns lock-to-lock with 1.7 cu. in. helms
  • Single and dual non-power-assisted outboard engines up to 350 HP
  • for non-aggressively driven single outboard powered boats that do not exceed 75mph
  • Updated system includes O-ring boss rotational fittings for easy hose routing and new end gland sealing system for maximum protection from saltwater and compression set
  • Helm and cylinder equipped with adjustable O-ring fittings to simplify the installation process and allow for simple reorientation of the fittings after installation.

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